Having supported Cardano’s journey in Goguen to Alonzo with reduced rates well into October 2021 we are now adopting a standard 1.99% margin. This is in line with IOHK delegatino guidance and makes us eligible for their own delegation.


Low margin
Fits IOHK guidance


Low cost (ADA)




Relays and Geo locations

SALTY systems

Triple Redundant Relays

We can lose 2 relays simultaneously across 2 locations without any impact and use dynamic resolution and relay valency for maximum scalabiity and reliability.


Launching wih a significant pledge and commited to growing. We're delegating our own ADA alongside yours, so your success is our success

High Security

Multi-tier subnets, security groups, firewalls, access controls and the principle of least privilege throughout

Self Healing

In the unlikely event of a relay node failure, we automatically deploy a new node in seconds and using our own techniques, sync in a moment.

Up Time

We are committed to the up time of our stake pool. We won't let you down. It will take something close to a nuclear strike to affect enough area to take down all our nodes

Reassuring Location

Whilst our fees are low, we don't scrimp on provision. We are operating from 3 geographically distinct London areas, each with top security environments. We pay more, to give you the assurance your trust deserves


We've been operating in cloud for a decade. We don't panic.


We hold multiple Cloud certifications
AWS Professional Solutions Architect
AWS Professional DevOps Engineer
AWS SysOps Administrator
AWS Developer

Mission Critical

We're used to mission critical systems, dealing with billions of transactions every day.

Getting started

This shows you how to earn ~5% on Cardano staking, it is free and there is no risk to your ADA by staking it, you it remains with you in your wallet. Rewards through staking are separate from any fluctuations in the value of Cardano. These steps take you from money in your bank to free Cardano rewards. If you already have ADA in an exchange start on step 3. If you already have ADA in a personal wallet start at step 5.

For a much broader introduction to Cardano explaining the context, read our investor guide.

1. Join an exchange

Cardano (aka ADA) must be purchased through exchanges. We recommend Binance. You will need to create an account and provide some information including a portrait photo. It takes about 10 mins.

2. Buy some ADA

Upload some currency GBP/USD. Currently Binance may need you to buy through another currency. e.g. GBP to BNB to ADA. (BNB is ½ the fee, so no extra cost.) Buy ADA at the time, price and quantity for you. (We are not a financial advisor)

3. Make a wallet

You can use Yoroi or Daedalus to create an ADA wallet of your very own. This will protect you from any exchange hacks or other rare internet risks. Yorai is easier and is also a mobile app.

4. Transfer your ADA

You need to withdraw your ADA as ADA from the exchange and put it in your wallet. This is quick and much cheaper than fiat withdrawals.

5. Stake your ADA

Go into your wallet and choose a stake pool to delegate to. We recommend SALTY Pool! Remember this does not move your money. It is not at any risk by delegation. Future ADA is automatically delegated.

6. Await your ADA rewards

Initially your ADA will take 25 days to start earning rewards. Once delegated you gain reards every 5 days. Rewards should exceed 5% per annum and add to your wallet.

More reading

Here's our Investor guide and also a detailed, and softer introduction from a partner site.

NEW: Native token minting service for our delegators

SALTY on Cloud


Cloud Hosted

Modern efficiency. There's no lead time for us on expansion or adopting new technology. We can safely replicate deployments or increase server sizes in minutes.


Highly Available

Redundant Relays, each individually self healing within seconds. We will have automatically replaced a relay node before the faulty one even knows it is at fault.


Advanced Processors

The latest tech in carefully selected processors, perfect for stake pool needs


Robust Networking

Dynamic routing, ensuring traffic always reaches a relay node


Elastic Provisioning

Processors and nodes auto adapt to meet any spikes in load, whilst retaining an optimal base performance


Cloud Native

The very best cloud architecture implemented by experts. This isn't just remote hosting. This is architected to cloud best practice using cloud native technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum stake?

1 ADA is the minimum plus a further 2 ADA deposit, which is returned when you unstake (- fees)
We'd suggest 100 ADA might be realistic minumum to see returns.

How long do I need to commit for?

You can change at any time. There is no penalty, but it does take 25 days for any change in stakepool to start earning for you. This is the same for any pool. We like to think once you're with us, you'll appreciate the performance and high up time.

What return can I expect?

You can expect 5-8% on average. This is well documented by offical Cardana documentation, but it does fluctuate week to week, as the number of blocks and transactions can vary, having an effect.

Do you take commission?

We aim to provide the highest performance and value at a competitive cost. That's why we only charge a flat 1.49%, putting us in the lowest 20% of charging all pools. If you make 200 ADA, we only take a little less than 3 ADA.

Why did you start Salty stake pool?

We've been in the IT industry a long time and we wanted to help Cardano prosper in its decentralised goals.

Why should I delegate my ADA with you?

We are a small pool which fits with the Cardano decentralised ethos. IOHK are seeking to reduce their own ADA stakes to ensure diversification prospers. We will ensure uptime to maximise your returns, so everybody wins.

Do you recommend any particular wallet?

The two leading Cardano wallets right now are : Daedalus for a full node wallet, or Yoroi for a lighter and easier solution that runs in a browser or on your mobile phone. So maybe Daedalus for big stable wallets and Yoroi for convenience.

Are my ADA safe if I stake?

Absolutely. When you stake you keep the ADA. You only delegate rights on behalf of your wallet. So the ADA stays with you, and you can buy/sell/transfer your ADA at any time. Staking is independent and just gives you free ADA back periodically for taking the trouble to delegate it to a staking pool.

This is all very confusing. Can you start over with the context and explain it to someone new to the subject?

Of course. We understand, that is why we have written this investor guide

I've heard Native Tokens were recently released. What are they?

ADA is a cyptocurrency. You can create and use your own currency through Cardano. This is a unique feature to Cardano as other currencies require Smart Contracts to achieve this. They are easy to use, but currently hard to create/mint. We do that for you when you delegate with us. It's entirely optional and not part of staking, but feel free to read about our native token minting service

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