The world knows Bitcoin, it is set to fulfil the role of digital gold. With Tesla, Microstrategy and others publically investing billions of dollars in Bitcoin, and consumer transaction support from US bank BNY Mellon, Mastercard and Visa, its future is assured. Under the covers, it is a generation 1 cryptocurrency and is considered slow and expensive to transact, however, its role as a modern holder of wealth it is inevitable.

The star of generation 2 is Ethereum, but this to is considered slow, non scalable, less secure than it could be and most importantly very expensive to transact with the execution of the smart contracts it introduces. Ethereum will be reborn in the form of ETH2, which will address many of these issues. Its maturity though, will be at least 2 years, and the journey is uncertain.

Enter generation 3, specifcally Cardano. It addresses many of the failings of its predecessors, is built with rigor by intellectuals over the past 5 years, and is itself founded by one of the founders of Ethereum. It is unique in the number of academic papers it has published and the quality of its coding and design. Most importantly it is a coin of strong ethics, seeking to solve economic problems in developing countries and also, since it uses "proof of stake", rather than "proof of work," for blockchain validation, it does not use significant energy in its block production. Bitcoin has been much criticised for the latter.

Cardano is on the cusp of greatness, poised with a major release this month, offering rich new capabilities, it promises much, and delivers at pace. It will not be long before Cardano is a well known name, probably second only to Bitcoin, but entirely different in its form and purpose. It is not insignifcant its value has increased 7 fold since the beginning of the year. In twice this time Bitcoin has "only" tripled in value. Whilst interesting and certainly exciting this is not the only string to Cardano's bow. It will make the world a better place, it is green, it is a good thing, but by virtue of its "proof of stake" roots, it rewards its holders. Those who keep Cardano and "stake" it are paid rewards every 5 days. Appreciation and price rises aside, this equates to around 5.5% per annum, indefinately. Therefore there is the prospect of holding a currenly appreciating asset that also every 5 days pays rewards, that enable compound interest for its owner.

Staking is implemented by the concept of delegation which is acheived through a Cardano Wallet. Wallets are free to create and may delegate all current and future Cardano to a staking pool. There is a 1 time fee to delgate, of 2 ADA (the currency of Cardano is called ADA [& Lovelace] ) which equates currently to $2. Once this is registered which can take up to 25 days. All future Cardano held in that wallet will generate rewards every 5 days equating to 5.5% per annum. It is important to stress that delegation does not surrender the Cardano itself. It remains in the wallet, the property of its owner, and may still be sold or transacted without penaulty. Once transferred to a new wallet the Cardano assumes the delegation of that wallet and the right to new rewards transfer accordingly.

There are many stake pools to choose from, currently around 1900. Around 500 are of limited potential and may be discarded. Conversely some are mature and suffer from saturation- by design, to promote decentralisation, each pool is penalised, when it exceeds a delgation of more than 64m coins (this is shortly due to drop to 32m.) The principal factor in the number of rewards a stake pool generates for its delegators is its availablity, a metric indicating its uptime or time between failures. If a machine is unavailable when it is called upon to mint a new block in the Cardano blockchain, it will be penalised, not least in its missing of the opportunity to generate the rewards that are shared amongst delegators.

SALTY pool. Is a new stake pool launched very recently, it is operated by exceptionally experienced Cloud engineers, to a very exacting standard, designed to maximise the very factors that ensure the highest reward production. In terms of availablity it provides triple redundant Cardano nodes, secure and geographically distinct across London, and with software and databases than can self heal or redeploy within seconds of failure without any potential of cluster availabity loss. In comparison the majority of stakepools, run only one or dual redundant nodes often in the same machine, rack or building. Traditional methods of database resyncing if a node is replaced, can be one hour or more, leaving total exposure in the event of a second failure. SALTY pool also beneifits from typical cloud resilence of power and networking, whilst being expertly tuned to adapt to rises in demand, activity or network assault. We are confident you will not find a better operated, more highly available or resilient pool. Those that may be comparable are often charging premium rates- pools may charge a commission on the rewards generated. Typically 2-5% for successful pools. SALTY pool's margin is 1.5%, relying upon its quality of service to draw and sustain volume in the long term.

This page is to draw your attention to the opportunity to invest in Cardano as a shrewd choice amongst the 2,000 crypto currency coins potentially available. Cardano offers greater versatiliy than Bitcoin and in some ways may become more disruptive to the global economy. It is for you to decide if you wish to pursue that opportunity. If you do, then we hope you will consider delegating with SALTY pool- the smart choice in the sea of opportunity. This is the main SALTY pool website, which does assume some familarity with the subject matter we have introduced here. We also offer a unique service in the assistance in setting up investment in Cardano with the sole provisio you subsequently delegate to SALTY pool. Pleae contact us directly if ou would like to investigate that option. Should you wish to pursue such investment alone (as is most common,) there are resources on the internet linked on the main page, and in particular we can point you toward helpful instuctions hosted by our partner pool, which has a softer approach to explaining, obtaining and staking Cardano for those new to the subject.

  • SALTY, pool is a very competatively priced, premium quality pool, offering the very best possible service and reward potential.