Offering Cardano native token minting service to SALTY pool delegators

With the recent launch of Mary era you should able to see and transfer native tokens in your Yoroi wallet, Daedalus Flight and shortly standard Daedalus. However it is not currently documented or expected that you will be able to mint them yourself! Instead, whilst it will eventually be a feature, only Cardano nodes will be able to mint them via the command line. The most natural location for such a node is a staking pool! (SALTY pool)

SALTY stake pool has minted and transferred its own Native Tokens on Mainnet after the Mary hard fork arrived. We offer a service to mint native tokens upon demand to our delegators. This will be on a first come first served basis to any of our delegators with a minimum of 1,000 ADA staked with us. We will charge a minimal admin fee of 5 ADA per currency. We will issue to you as many native tokens of a currency as you have delegated ADA with us. We will name them as you direct us, within reason. Irrespective of that number issued, we will only charge 5 ADA to mint and transfer them all to you. You will actually get 2 ADA back from us in the processs. Therefore your total cost will be 3 ADA and your custom as a delegator. The tokens themselves will be unique and free/gratis to you.

This service (unique at posting) continues our goal of being a top ranked staking pool, differentiating on service and quality, and complementing our best in class relay redundancy and reliability. Remember to delegate before requesting minting to enter our queuing system.

NEW: Also offering NFT - Non Fungible Native Tokens

Extending our offering of native tokens these are as standard tokens, but we only issue a single coin per currency. Your NFT is a unique currency each time, as in line with IOHK/Cardano recommende practice. The fees will be as above and you currencies for NFT might be YourCoin_1, YourCoin_2, YourCoin_3...
Once again a unique benefit from SALTY stake pool delegation!

How to order

Steps to obtain native tokens:
  1. Delegate with us
  2. Send 5 ADA to Cardano mainnet address:
  3. Email us your desired currency name and quantity
  4. Plan some fun with your new tokens